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It may interest some of you to know that my publishing house is releasing another anthology…


What is it about fear and the unknown that pulls so passionately at the human heart? Perhaps we are drawn not to the darkness itself, but to the resolution, the overcoming of what we most deeply dread. After all, the more terrible the struggle, the greater the victory when it comes at last. Presented in this anthology are twelve remarkable stories of the darkness that overshadows us, and the resolution that may be found beyond them. They are stories of fear and oppression, but ultimately stories of hope, stories that will take you BEYOND THE WAIL.

Today, we have a spotlight on author Amanda Banker

Amanda is a Midwest girl who enjoys her food and wine. On any given day, and in no particular order, she is a friend, a sister, a mom, a daughter, a survivor, and a storyteller. Her work as a change strategist helps finance her little family’s love of travel; she declares her firecracker of a daughter and often-amused husband to be her touchstones. She is an avid TV-show and movie watcher who is drawn to any kind of complex story or character; she dives headfirst into the paranormal genre when crafting stories that provide both writer and reader with an avenue of escape. Writing is a journey, and Amanda is certainly enjoying the ride.

How did you come up with the concept of your story?

I love writing and reading stories about brothers and brotherhood. The sunken town…one of those random ‘what ifs’ that pop into your head while you’re waiting for the light to turn green.

What are some of your other published works?

‘Dead Water’ is my first officially published work. I have been honing my skill writing fanfic — a medium that has served me well in determining the way I most enjoy bringing a story to life, and showing me what entertains readers.

What is your advice to writers?

Don’t stop and don’t compare your style to other writers. Read read read read. Act out your scenes, speak your dialog, make the words breathe for you.

What’s up next for you?

I am working on a supernatural-genre’d novel I began during NaNoWriMo, and have another short story/novella (inspired by a true-life event) drafted with plans to submit for publishing consideration very soon. In the meantime, fanfic is a great escape.

Is there anything else you’d like your readers to know about you?

I write what I like to read. Life is prone to bruise us a bit too easily and stories are a ready escape. I like characters to get bloody as they fight through to victory. I like villains to believe they are right as strongly as the heroes. I like there to be just enough truth to a story to ground the impossible in a possible scenario. And I work to bring that to life in my stories, so that you surprise yourself with an emotional response within a fantastical plot. So that you feel the rain and taste the wine and hear the music within the story. I want the escape to be immersive.

And the Geek List….

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars (though J.J. Abrahms brought out the latent Trekkie in me)

Hunger Games or Divergent? Hunger Games. It marked the path.

James Bond or Jack Ryan? As much as I love the wrong-place-wrong-time, CIA analyst to pieces, I’m going to have to go with Bond. James Bond. Especially with Daniel Craig shouldering the mantel.

Sherlock: Robert Downey, Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch? Robert Downey, Jr.

Spock: Leonard Nimoy or Zachary Quinto? Zachary Quinto

X-Men or Avengers? Avengers

Aliens or Predators? Aliens

Minions or Penguins? Penguins.

Batman or Superman? Batman

Harry Potter or Pirates of the Caribbean? Harry Potter

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles

Peter Jackson or James Cameron? Peter Jackson, precious.

Steven Spielberg or George Lucas? George Lucas

Vampires or Werewolves? Werewolves


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